The Cherry Poppers 

Faith and friends willingly expose their most comical and outrageous love stories to highlight the absurdity of college relationships.  Be ready to have your cherries popped!

The Cherry Poppers focuses on romantic experiences from the perspective of college-aged students. We hope to break the stigma surrounding romantic misfortunes and misadventures and instead embrace them.


Musical Memories 

Musical Memories is a podcast that allows interviewees to connect songs to certain life experiences. Whether they’re happy or sad—Noelle wants to learn about their lyrical associations. Most of her most prominent memories are related to songs and whenever she listens to certain tunes, she's suddenly thrust into a nostalgic state. If you listen to this podcast, you’re sure to be reminded of the same feeling!

The Dark Side


The Dark Side is a radio show hosted by students of color from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. This EVVY award winning podcast sheds light on students and people of color not only at Emerson, but all college and educational campuses across the globe. Hosted by Wesley Days, Gabriella Perez, Jaeden Boatwright, Kaitlin Curtis, and Videographer/Editor Isabella Espejo every Friday @ 11 AM on etinradio.org
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Coming of Age

Coming of Age is a series of interviews in podcast format about female and non-binary masturbation. These interviews are an extension of the written ones up on PieFace, so check those out as well if you're interested! In these podcasts, PieFace team member Tatum Jenkins interviews/has conversations with friends as a way to understand their experiences with masturbation and dive deeper into some of the questions already asked of them.