• Paige Thimmesch

A 2020 Letter on COVID 19

I’m writing this for history. No, not class—those are canceled. I’m writing it for a time where COVID19 is a distant memory, or for a time where that’s all that matters. Honestly, I don’t know what the future will look like.

I’m in college, a great college at that. I love it here, and my experiences with jt were a lot different then I could imagine. “Are you staying or going?” referred to a semester abroad, not leaving school in the mists of a pandemic. Reminding people to wash their hands used to come after a gross story where someone in the communal bathroom didn’t use soap, not after simply touching a door handle. And face masks, those were never a part of the college expectation.

The past 24 hours have been filled with tears and dread for everyone here. I passed two Emerson students crying and hugging each other in the lobby; I became that person too when my friend stopped and processed this mess, fighting back tears while walking through the hallway. My friend’s senior year was ruined; she won’t stop crying. Students paced the dormitory common rooms, fretting over their decisions, or lack thereof. Parents booked their children the next flight back: my friend’s family getting her on a plane back home an hour after Emerson’s President sent out an emergency email. My mom has told me to take things “day by day.” I don’t want to go home in risk of getting my dad and grandparents sick. But now I have to.

Fear has ruled over logic, everything's happening so quickly. What we assumed as constant has been pulled out from under our feet. It’s been shocking. I feel like I’m living in a hazy dream, walking blind and heavy limbed.

But I tell myself to stay strong. There’s hope in strength. Whatever happens— relocation, quarantine, curfews, shortages, anything—I’ll stay strong. I know the people I love in my life are worth going on for. I know this world is worth going on for.

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