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A Different Perspective: Weed Culture

Amidst this 4/20 atmosphere, I felt inclined to discuss my thoughts about the current ‘weed culture’ circulating our generation. I first want to start off saying that I don’t think that weed is bad for everyone. I think that it helps many people in various situations regarding health and simple pleasures. However, I think that there are countless teens who are subjected to smoking weed based on their environments. To me, this isn’t okay. I feel like there are many articles about how marijuana isn’t bad for people and shouldn’t be viewed as a harmful substance. When in reality, there are many ways it can be detrimental for a person, specifically young people.

In the past, I smoked weed nearly every day consistently for about two years. I immensely regret having harmed my intellectual growth at such a young age, which still has minor effects on me to this day. I mention this because I believe that every adolescent child deserves to have their intellectual well-being protected and cherished in order for them to prosper to their full potential. I continue to see so many people that are close to me be sucked into this façade that their cool status will go up or that it’s the only way they can be happy. There are plenty of other ways to be happy and it’s completely up to one’s perception whether or not they are cool, not anyone else’s.

I ended up realizing at the end of my two-year-long stint that I didn’t need weed to be happy. After I quit, I found a deeper passion for writing and a desire to complete what’s left of my schooling in the best way I can. I became more family-oriented and began to truly grow as a person, finding what really makes me happy.

I understand that many people think that they’re doing themselves a service by smoking weed. I only hope for them to consider the harmful effects as well, especially if they’re younger than 21 years.

If you are someone or know anyone in a situation dealing with substance abuse, please utilize the links I’ve attached below this article.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - 1-800-487-4889

Through These Doors - 1-800-537-6066

Samaritans - (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)

by Holden Mesk

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