• Marieska Luzada

a songful sanctuary

By Marieska Luzada // Dec. 17th, 2019

i am lost.

my spotify morning commute playlist blasts through my ears

instead of reiterations of useless essay rubrics.

i slump more in my rock hard, uncomfortable seat

as my mind drifts away from the classroom.

the bell rings.

my eyes flip open like a light switch as i spring from my seat.

i breeze through the halls with beige lockers aligned

as i become more energized and awake with each step.

i turn a sharp right as i begin to see

gleeful faces while they hum beautiful melodies

and dut their favorite drum cadences.

i break into a grin.

i push the heavy door to enter a new world.

i wave at my friends who treasure the same gift.

people who want to escape academia for an hour and a half.

people who use the big, bright, blue room as a safe haven.

five minutes pass.

everyone is here with sheet music on their stands.

we look at our director for our downbeat.

she conducts in bars of four as we engage in harmony.

we sing, “ukuthula.”

zulu for “peace.”

i close my eyes and my heart flutters.

this is what i define as a state of euphoria,

a place that serves as my sanctuary,

a place of eternal joy.

this room is my ukuthula.

my director closes her fists to end the song.

i open my eyes.

i am home.

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