• Marieska Luzada

an unspeakable promise

they never left me.

no matter how far i ran,

as far as the naked eye could see,

their arms stayed open for me to return.

they were my gateway into the world,

how i present myself to others,

they will forever stay with me,

up until my final breath.

they flow through a cadence with me

as i belt the highs and lows of a soothing melody.

they tug the heartstrings of many,

and continue to do so with each passing note.

they carry my vulnerability and emotion

all the way to the back row.

my movements accentuate their meaning,

and they never fade away at any moment.

they amplify the truth to the world,

even when it is the hardest to hear.

they are found deep in the crevices of my heart,

and will never step down from its pedestal.

to many, they are merely a synonym of communication.

an exchange of emotions and ideas.

to me, they understand every complexity in my body,

every nook and cranny of a thought.

they keep me going at the lowest of lows.

they are my booming microphone in the loudest of crowds.

they reassure me that i am making a difference.

they are my oxygen.

i devote myself to them,

and i will never break my commitment.

i dedicate my life to you, words,

and that is a promise

that doesn’t need to be said out loud.

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