• Erin Grace Thomson


I tend to put myself into Archetypes,

but rarely wear them for more than a few days.

There is something within all of these versions, that is still me,

and she is the poison that always stays.

Even if I push her to the side—she sees me and

comes crashing in.

It is in that moment I enter my manic realm, where I relish in this vindication—

when she leaves I am left sitting in the road, wondering how I hurt her so bad.

I remember all the ways I have been wronged—

with no closure or glamour.

I tend to put myself into Archetypes,

Depending on a thousand things.

Yet there is always that one soul that will see every face I create,

And in this vulnerability they find something they hate.

I am starting to believe that is why no one ever stays.

I tend to put myself into Archetypes,

To Eat the pain I was gifted,

though none of it was ever a pleasure.

I once met a boy that found pleasure in my pain,

really, he choked me until my face became blue.

But at the time I found fun in it too.

I once found a lover that savored pain as much as me,

we had been a perfect match. sexually speaking.

And then I saw what my desire was hiding—

This is one of my archetypes:

Desire. With a crescendo of escapism.

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