• Erin Grace Thomson

Being Sick,

There are no simple ailments to cure my body,

no doctor can seem to heal me, but here I stay: wandering.

In chronic, nerve-numbing pain that pulls me into briar rose’s sleep.

A blood river with coiled nerves; a ferry woman transporting pain.

Even sleep cannot save me from the woman’s curse,

and it seems only I can feel my body withering away.

Nothing can cure me from genetics wrath,

But am I supposed to be cured? It seems like the universe is asking me to


To be a spokesperson for my body until I find a miracle worker.

My body feels like someone set a bomb off, only it is moving in slow motion.

I’ve been bleeding for fifteen days.

I live in slowness.


Even when my body begins to shut down, I am just thrown temporary solutions.

Not a resolution, no hope.

Even the words on a page begin to look skewed.

Have you ever been in so much pain that you lose vision¿

Only to play a game with the gods, to see if one day you will regain clarity.

- Having endometriosis, kidney stones, and chronic pain.

Artwork by Halsey

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