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Cece Meddock: PieFace Photographer Introduction

Cece Meddock, a photojournalist and activist who I'd constantly see in our dormitory halls with a new bright shade of any color you could possibly think of on their head (pause to breathe) is finally joining us as a photographer here on PieFace! I've seen their phenomenal photographic work, and I can't wait to see what they bring to the platform.

What drew you to the art you craft?

My dad gave me an old film camera he had when I was a kid, and I became obsessed with taking pictures of the overlooked things in life. That feeling has since expanded to include photojournalism and staged photography!

What do you typically make your craft about? Do you have a specific style of crafting your work? A specific format?

I try and capture images and scenes that other people usually don't see. Photography focuses on what's in front of you, but I try and look around me on all sides, from different perspectives, and in interesting ways. I've always thought that the prescribed "rules" for photography lead to the creation of boring images, so breaking out of those molds is a ket aspect of my work.

Do you have any creators of any kind who you look up to? Have they heavily influenced your work? In what way?

People like Vivian Maier, Gordon Parks, and

Angel Franco all share similar values about photography as I do. Angel was my instructor at a summer photojournalism program with the New York Times, and his eye for the overlooked things in the city really influenced me to stop and look around more often.

Do you see a future for yourself in your craft? If so, in what way(s)? If not, what are your general life aspirations?

I hope to become a photojournalist who covers social/political issues. I think my photographic principles lend well to capturing the aspects of life that aren't usually covered in media.

Which tends to take reign in your craft: your brain or your heart? (do you tend to write more with emotion or intellect?)

With all kinds of art, I feel the key motivation should be emotion. With photography especially, there's a certain feeling I get when I find an image that captures something powerful.

How are your creative works set apart from others?

I don't think others are as inclined to take artistic risks as much as I am, I am very unafraid of taking risks when it comes to art, even if those risks don't pay off.

What do you hope to contribute to Pie Face?

I hope to contribute photo essays and series that I have been conceptualizing for a long time!

Be on the lookout for Cece's work!

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