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Erin Thomson: PieFace Poet Introduction

By J. Faith Malicdem // Dec. 18, 2019

Amidst the college commitment process, I had attempted making friends at the potential schools I was looking into, and Erin was one of the friends I made who I still keep in touch with via Twitter and Instagram to this day. She is immensely talented in her writing abilities, retweets the BEST content, and has a good eye for aesthetics. Everyone, meet the beloved Erin!!

What drew you to writing?

I was always writing as a child, even before I knew how to write actual words on a page, my mother said I used to scribble things I called “stories.” I grew up with a learning disability so it was difficult for me to learn reading and writing, but once I started, I never stopped.

What do you typically write about? Do you have a specific style of writing? A specific format?

For the past five years I have been writing a fantasy novel (that I will soon rework) and when I am not working on that I am writing poetry. My poetry typically centers around love, sex, mythology, art, and my experiences. I love using imagery in my work as well as very long sentences (as you can probably tell). For my prose work I do not have a specific style yet but I am analyzing fantasy works that are lyrical and more poetic.

Do you have any authors/journalists/poets/critics of any kind who you look up to? Have they heavily influenced your work? In what way?

Yes! So many authors and poets...Currently my favorite authors are Samatha Shannon and Tolkien. As for poets, it depends on the kind of poetry I am reading. I will always love Geoffrey Hill and Wilfred Owen from the War Poets, but I also really adore Marianne Moore and Langston Hughes. Their use of language and form is mind-blowing (I highly recommend the poems “The Fish” and “Drum”). The authors I mentioned above influence my work immensely because of their talent, passion, and overall style. Shannon writes lyrically and is the best world builder of fantasy since Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. Tolkien invented languages...also his maps (I love maps!). Poetry often influences my prose and poetry in numerous ways whether it be language or the use of the “writer’s toolbox”.

Do you see a future for yourself in writing? If so, in what way(s)? If not, what are your general life aspirations?

My goal is to be an author of fantasy works as well as poetry, though I also would love to work in an art museum. Part of me really hopes I have the energy to publish an epic one day.

Which tends to take reign in your writing: your brain or your heart?

I would love to say that my brain has more control over my writing but it is definitely my heart. Overall, I am a very emotional person and I write philosophically sometimes. This becomes an issue academically but somehow I pull it off! When I am writing poetry and prose I put 100% of myself into my work and by the end it becomes a reflection of myself.

How is your writing set apart from others?

I honestly have no idea. I would say my vulnerability but so many writers have shown themselves in their work. My one goal as a writer it to make my reader feel something and reflect on their emotions.

What do you hope to contribute to Pie Face?

I hope to bring a sense of honesty and hopefully inspire someone! Writing is my passion and I hope it shows through the pieces I produce.

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