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Introducing Recipes for Results and Kendra Phillips

Hi everyone! Welcome to the PieFace Advice Column, Recipes for Results. It’s our little space on the internet where I get to share everything I’ve learned from my time on this Earth as a human, freelancer, creative, and curious-being. In my work life I am a writer, digital marketer, graphic designer, social media guru, content creator, painter, photographer, video editor, business strategist, and mentor. In my weekend life I am a wakeboarder, snowboarder, roller skater, and inspiration cultivator. I’m obsessed with doing a lot, learning a lot, absorbing a lot, and producing a lot. I’m also obsessed with the existence of all living beings and the complex experience of each individual.

My passion for creating, growing, and developing started during college as a Communication Studies major at Cal State Long Beach - It’s not the bullshit major we all thought it would be. It challenged my perception in life, love, self, and where the physical world transcends. From the many lessons, skills, and even certifications such as Reiki Attunement, I have since become acutely aware of my surroundings; How I interact with them, the power of our internal worlds and how they affect our external worlds, and the beauty of sharing any expertise I may have picked up along the way. I find inspiration in almost every single thing I do, see, and interact with. I want to help other people get to that point as well. When we get to that point, life is fun, colorful, and on most days, simpler. I wasn’t always like this and I do have less-than-great days; I struggle with anxiety and depression. The secret for me was figuring out what I needed to do each day, week, and month to feel my best and learning the best tools to take action towards setting up the life I want.

As of right now, I have reached a point in my career I am genuinely happy with, which feels surreal for me to say. It even feels a bit guilty to admit, strangely - I think that’s because I see so many people striving to change their current situation. Although I am always aiming for more, and I’m not exactly where I will want to be in five years, this is the place I want to be right now. The freelance lifestyle has allowed me to have the variety I crave in the day-to-day, not to mention it allowed me to travel through eight countries in SouthEast Asia for five entire months with one backpack and one laptop. Oh yes, I’m also obsessed with challenging myself through new experiences.

Other than that, I’m a rom-com and sci-fi movie fanatic and I fully believe I could’ve been a comedian in another life. Then I found out I have debilitating stage fright so that’s out of the question. I’m into old school music, mostly ‘70s and ‘80s rock or new music that sounds like old school music like feel-good indie jams. I like to drive with my windows down in my jeep and bump music so people at red lights see my singing in my car. I have an intense fixation with the trending lifestyle known as “Van Life” and I’m hoping my boyfriend and I get rich one day, fix up a van, put a million houseplants in it, and go for excursions whenever we get the chance. The other items on my list of fascinations include: sustainability, fitness, wellness, reading, podcasting, cocktail making, watching reruns of “Friends,” “That 70’s Show,” “Euphoria,” “Insecure,” and anything Anthony Bordain, aaannnddd last, but not least, attempting home-cooked vegan meals even though I’m a bacon lover and supporter, and most of the time I burn any meal I touch.

We’re going to discuss the ups, downs, pros, cons, facts, fiction, and everything in between to encourage you to evolve in your personal and professional development. Although most people (creative or not) will benefit from reading the advice I’ll be laying out here, it really is intended for young creatives. At all times throughout our life, we are striving for something. There are highs, lows, and “meh”s. Maneuvering through life as a young creative can be tricky - I want to help you get to the place you’re supposed to be at.

I’m Kendra and this is Recipes for Results. Welcome!

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