• J. Faith Malicdem

"how do you find joy in the things you love without constant comparison to others?"

by J. Faith Malicdem // May 14, 2019

This question appealed to me most, because I truly don't know. Like everyone, I'm still growing to dissociate my poor comparison habits from the passions and hobbies I find pure joy in. After partaking in a multitude of school-related music groups and bands, I've learned that comparison only hinders the joy that comes with the territory of passion. Music (all creative arts, for that matter) in particular encompasses a subculture of constant comparison. For the longest time, I displaced my worth in my musical performance progress, rather than crediting myself for the endeavors I've encountered to become who I am today. Therefore, it must be overcome. Alas, comparison and contrast is inherent. We are built to keep ourselves in check based on how others are doing, wherein actuality, our lives, pleasures and drives are all we know. They are our reality. And thus, we must keep ourselves in check by recalling the stems of each desire and motive that have brought us to pursue what brings us the most joy. Rerouting our brains to habituate this won't be an easy feat, but it certainly isn't an impossible one.

So don't discount yourself, or your passions and your skill. Your gut drew you to that niche in the first place, and it did so for a reason. Relish in the euphoria that comes with the territory of pursuing your passion, and don't let the idea of someone else succeeding create an absence of you doing the same. ~ now, let's see if I'll actually take my own advice.

With love always, Faif

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