• Marieska Luzada

no filter

i feel the warm august breeze through the cracked open windows

as the sunroof reveals endless spruces and evergreens.

timeless 80’s classics play softly on the aux

as we continue through winding roads and bumpy patches

while myself and two others are on our phones, editing our snaps of the trees.

the car is put in park as we pile out of the car

and walk in a direction where we can’t see green anymore.

i step through muddy paths and hop over bulging rocks from the ground

as prince and springsteen continue on someone’s phone

sweat trickles down my back

as i continue struggling where to step so i wouldn’t fall.

we reach the end of the green

and it was as if time didn’t exist anymore.

they have their phones out to capture whatever what was in front of them.

but all i did was stand in awe of what my eyes perceived.

cotton ball clouds covered parts of what a rainbow would look like

if it covered the entire sky.

purple and pink swarmed above me

as they faded into deep crimsons, peachy oranges, and sunflower yellows.

the sky could have been painted with watercolors and a paintbrush.

i mindlessly take a few steps forward

as the cold water reaches my shins

and dirt and sand intertwine with my toes.

it had been probably five minutes to realize that i was the one my friends were waiting for.

they took the pictures they needed to take

and immediately climbed back into the car to go home

to post on their instagrams for everyone to double tap.

posting several pictures of a setting too beautiful to capture with a small camera

was the last thing on my mind that day.

why display an edited, sharpened, saturated photo

of a colorful sky, crystal clear water, and indescribable emotions

when you can see the beauty for yourself?

life has its picture perfect moments.

but a captured picture isn’t always needed

for people to experience what beauty and fascination the earth holds.

artwork by @rockkhound

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