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Noelle Gordillo: PieFace Writer + Podcaster Introduction

By J. Faith Malicdem // Dec. 20, 2019

FOLKS! *Kurtis Conner clap* Lo and behold, the moment you've all been waiting for. She sings, she writes, she edits artsy things for her visual media arts major courses, and... she's my ROOMMATE. It's the collab of the century and you k n o w it. Noelle Gordillo, writer and our very first podcaster, is gracing us with her many talents as she joins the PieFace team. My heart is so full of love at the thought of getting to not only work with Noelle, but to also receive the privilege of tackling the cusp of adulthood alongside her. Be sure to keep an eye out for her written pieces, as well as her up and coming podcast, "Musical Memories with Noelle Gordillo!" (You can listen to episode no. 1 here). PieFaces, meet Miss Noelle Gordillo!

What drew you to writing and the art you craft?

At the start of college, I found myself in a constant state of self-reflection. I had a lot of questions about my own choices, motivations, and aspirations in life. Journaling helped me further understand myself and the paths I have chosen to take. I also turned to songwriting, which helped me turn my feelings into art and proved very cathartic. I’m hoping that I can use PieFace as a creative outlet to learn more about ME :) and to maybe help others understand themselves along the way!

What do you typically write about? Do you have a specific style of writing? A specific format?

I usually like writing about personal experiences, music, film/documentaries, and just LIFE (sometimes it can be challenging)! Typically all of these different subjects end up being in a narrative format.

Do you have any authors/journalists/poets/critics/photographers of any kind who you look up to? Have they heavily influenced your work? In what way?

My experience working alongside journalists in my high school’s broadcast journalism department, Live From 205 made me the storyteller I am today. Alongside my performance experience, 205 made me a conscientious and dedicated reporter. I only became this way because of the people I was working with, who were so meticulous about their craft—whether that be a photographer, director, or fellow reporter.

Do you see a future for yourself in writing/photography? If so, in what way(s)? If not, what are your general life aspirations?

I think writing is essential to nearly all professions and will be helpful for my songwriting, journalistic endeavors, and filmmaking. My general life aspirations are to be happy and to create. Whether that be through music, film, writing, broadcast journalism, or any story-telling medium, I look forward to what the future has in store for me!

Which tends to take reign in your writing/photography: your brain or your heart?

I definitely start with my heart and emotions to just get down how I’m feeling on paper. Then, I go through the piece to make it more logical in terms of formatting and grammar.

How are your creative works set apart from others?

I believe that everyone’s separate life experiences influence their artistic work in unique ways. My experience as a performer in musical theater has shaped me as a writer and the way I present stories. I think of each piece as a performance, a way to entertain the reader and provide a moral.

What do you hope to contribute to Pie Face?

I’m thrilled to be a part of the PieFace team and look forward to providing personal accounts, emotions brain dumps, and maybe even my opinion on music releases!

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