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Say Their Names

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I recently took part in a local protest in Pasadena, CA stretching from La Pintoresca Park to Pasadena City Hall. The protestors felt more enraged as chants grew louder, myself included. There were also a few people who did not have the ‘organizer’ emblem on their shirt and yet they still began many chants by themselves without the help of a loudspeaker. It is clear that people all over are hurt and tired of the mistreatment of Black people and minorities as a whole.

I’ve seen hundreds of perspectives all over social media and in person. There are so many people that are outraged in so many ways, but one particular perspective I agreed with personally was that rioting against police is justified by the fact that this very country was founded on injustices and the looting of native land along with the robbery of African rights. I connect with this perspective because of my Native American heritage, knowing about how my great grandfather’s tribe was ruthlessly murdered and how he was forced to relocate and change his identity. Although I believe that violence is not the answer, I have a feeling that peace in this situation will not come without some form of aggression.

There is hope that justice will come from the efforts of the people’s protests, changing the laws that protect murderous police officers and over-criminalize Black people along with all other minorities. I can see in the eyes of each fiery protester that they will not give up until rightful justice has been served. In each chant demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd carries a weight that each and every person is desperate to relieve.

I wish I could say I am certain that there will be justice for those who have been murdered in cold blood but knowing the dark past of this wretched country, it will not come without a serious, hard-fought battle to finally end racism, bigotry, and discrimination.

Please utilize the resource link I have attached below on how to support the Black Lives Matter movement!


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