• Megan Quirk

sorry about your carpet do you think you could call an ambulance?

my teeth are sticky

with all the lies i’ve told




an oil spill at the back of my throat

and the environmentalists are calling for my head

those who care

about the




on their carpets while i am choking on the tar

but i held



the oil

(the mess)

and once in a while the men in hazmat suits come

and tell me that i am horrible but that they love me

and they clean off the tar from the bottom of my belly

to the corners of my ceiling

and i hate being clean


because i hate to see my floors beneath the slick

a reminder of the ugliness below

to see my feet

connected to the hands

that spill

and the tongue

that drips

i hate the oil

i hate the mess

i hate the hands and the feet and the tongue

and the environmentalists that

hate the hands and the feet and the tongue

i hate that you hate the oil

the mess

and i’m sorry for the stain

the oil

the mess

on the carpet

but you’ll see someday

it was ugly anyways

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