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Swoonin: Behind the Scenes

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

By J. Faith Malicdem // July 24, 2019

Swoonin was the first tune I took pride in— the first tune to find itself plastered upon my SoundCloud's blank digital wall. I wrote it in the midst of a dull crush and the newfound discovery of eyeliner in all its glory, its power. In no way should I have I been wholly capable of understanding Swoonin and its meaning. But there went 16 year old, @zooeydeschanel -obsessed me, risking the journey of delving into toxic relationships, without truly experiencing a real romantic relationship at the time.

I listened to @doddleoddle religiously, and my music was thus heavily inspired by hers. The depth + concreteness in her songwriting abilities pushed me to challenge my own abilities (or lack thereof). Her masterpiece, "Intertwined," conveyed a darkness I wouldn't be able to understand for a few more years. It intrigued me. And so I decided to try and encapsulate a feeling of suffocation intertwined (lol) within an intimate bond between a pair of lovebirds, much like dodie's song. But instead of being haunted by one's own thoughts, I wanted to highlight the feeling of someone else's love intruding the heart of another— a burden of sorts.

Surely + sadly, everyone experiences this feeling to some extent in differing relationships; whether it be a friend imposing and insisting you be there every second of every day for moral support, or a partner bringing out your demons. Ironically enough, I'm almost certain I encountered its worst edge, & pray I never reach that point again. So, with love, I encourage you to bring honesty and boundaries with you to the table when relationships ensue— including the relationship with yourself. ❤️

Lyrics~ warm, soft and sure the feeling of things that are oh so pure honey sweet as can be you whisper in my ear take my hand and then we'll be swoonin swoonin

my love is a-bloomin i want you to know that the fire is consuming me piece piece by piece picking myself up ridding the corrupt thoughts lost and found twirling round and round wanting a 'safe and sound' with you

me and you please stay true to me and you

swoonin swoonin your love is intruding i now have to show that the fire is consuming me

Little did I know the demo version would receive a grand total of over 300 plays, making it my most successful SoundCloud track thus far. You can find the link to listen to the song here! I hope you enjoy.

With love, Faith

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