• D'vyne

To be Young, Gifted and Black

Where did we go wrong?

What caused this hate coming from the Black man?

What happened to black woman’s humble confidence?

What happened to our children’s innocence, all the love we showed each other?

Was it ever there?

Can we reclaim our crowns? Our love? Our culture?

Yes we can, we should and we will.

To be young, gifted and black to know that we are powerful beyond measures. To be young, gifted and black, to recognize the beauty in the hues of our skin. To be young, gifted and black is to know I have the strength to speak through my spirit, TO HAVE A VOICE THAT MAY shift LIVES. To be young, gifted and black is the power of knowing who you are, Not be afraid of the potential you possess, but, to be proud. I am Divine. An individual who can transfer love using the strength of my voice.

To be young, gifted and black to speak my truth, our truth.

I am black. You are black. We are black.

We need our young men and women to know that we have the Love, culture, royalty.

We are the youth, still have much to learn. Still growing in god’s wisdom. We must treat each other with respect and have dignity for our power.

To be gifted, we have talents that we must display. Our ancestors couldn’t so we have to. We all have a purpose, that’s why we’re all here. We are special.

To be black, it’s difficult, there’s struggle.

There’s beauty in our black women. There’s strength in the black man. There’s innocence in the black children.

As a strong black man stated, “the hardest journey’s bring the best results” …as in our gracious hearts and spirits

Your ancestors depend on you to change our generations. We most love our own selves, never tear each other down, BUT BUILD EACH OTHER up.

graphic by Jamilah W.

A Hip/Hop and R&B artist, Dancer, Actress, Writer and Music Producer/Audio Engineer along with being the CEO/Founder of MooShooBeatz Productions. A young native from the north side of Chicago, D’vyne is a creator that stretches far into creating for not only herself, but to create for others so she can remind others that humanity is real. She is a very dedicated, ambitious individual.

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