• D'vyne

Where Will Mine Go?

What happened? They asked.

Red and blue lights, devil’s playground, he wants to play.

Hope yet pray this goes pass, yet doesn’t

Found myself screaming in the hotel room

Thinking a feeling could take these emotions away

Videos scatter, Hashtags trend

Am I next, I really don’t mind, I’m heaven sent

I took your influence and made it “mine”

False influence, which made me weak

I started riots, made your women phony shriek.

Who’s the enemy now? Who’s Lucifer after all?

Oh they really believed, it’ll be sweet

Like the cookies they baked, after I was fed raw meat.

I am a goddess, being punished for being under your influence

We questioned everything around us, you are a nuisance

Claim that you’ll rise, think again before you speak out of your twisted tongue

In the end, middle and beginning, we have already won.

The strength that the basic humans would like to ignore, trying to keep peace

Yet living in such ignorant bliss, you remind me of the police.

Thank you for reminding me I’m so strong, with your sick influences.

Love, The Jewels.

graphic by Jamilah W.

A Hip/Hop and R&B artist, Dancer, Actress, Writer and Music Producer/Audio Engineer along with being the CEO/Founder of MooShooBeatz Productions. A young native from the north side of Chicago, D’vyne is a creator that stretches far into creating for not only herself, but to create for others so she can remind others that humanity is real. She is a very dedicated, ambitious individual.

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/divinely_goddess/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/DrazyBabii

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dvyne.bean/

Music Links - https://unitedmasters.com/d-vyne

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